Kind words from my clients

I had issues with my thyroid and was stressed out about many things. I moved to HK during the pandemic, it wasn’t easy for me to meet new people and have new friends. I spent a lot of time by myself and putting all my power into my job. When I met Katia, I started a journey with her that helped me a lot. We talked a lot, she asked me many questions about my living style, my work, and my life in general. I started to follow a different diet, eating more but healthier, doing more exercise, and sleeping better. I got help also from supplements that I still take daily. Katia taught me some breathing exercises too, that I was using when I was really stressed. I started after a few months to slowly feel better, and more energetic, I lost a few kg too. And now, I take stress in a different way. The experience with Katia was a great help, mentally and physically.


Katia helped me understand what was going on internally and gave me the confidence to include new foods within my diet and understand the benefits of having alternative food choices and the role each food played within my digestion; her results were spot on. I felt so much better within myself and my daily life, which was far beyond what I was expecting. Katia creates a safe space to discuss anything you need to, I found it very easy to open up to her... Katia’s knowledge retention from all of our conversations was fantastic, she always remembered what we had discussed and was able to link topics from each of our sessions back when coming up with new suggestions or explaining to me why I might be feeling a certain way.

Sarah M.

I have sustained an energized mind and fit physique for many years, so I sought a seamless transition from a meat-based to a plant-based diet... When I decided to become vegan, this dietary shift sparked many queries, which Katia solved with genuine care and insight, providing precisely the analysis, guidance, and onward dietary design I sought, executed elegantly and efficiently. Katia’s plan came with many delicious recipes and some ingenious simplicities, presented perspicuously. I routinely indulge in her specialized formulae, noticing increases in energy, drive, and strength without the muscular aches and pains I encountered before commencing. My wellness path with Katia continues to be enjoyable and fruitful. I appreciate the delivery and sincerity offered by Katia, who met my needs to a measure that supersedes all I have experienced previously in the vitality domain. I am grateful for the approachable, professional, and highly beneficial experience.

Justin W.

“Katia, I really enjoyed working with you. Firstly, you are a very “sunny” and pleasant person, it is easy and straightforward to work with you. At the same time you do your work not only professionally but also putting your heart and soul into it. Thank you so much for helping me understand how to follow a nutritious diet correctly, and most importantly, it (turns out) easily. The supplements that you have chosen for me fit me perfectly. I didn’t even think that my emotional state could change so much from the right approach to what I eat. I got rid of the feeling of permanent anxiety and, as a bonus, the skin on my face changed, and pimples disappeared. I am very glad that I met you and decided to work on my health with you! Thank you for loving your job and helping people in such an important matter - in health!”


I haven't even started taking the supplements yet, … but the diet changes are already making a HUGE difference. I started eating more protein and vegetables with each meal - as of Tuesday, a few days into it, I felt WAY better. And still feel better. More even mood, higher/more constant energy. Looking back, I think I wasn't eating frequently enough and often eating simple carb foods - so super wild blood sugar and energy swings. So amazing. THANK YOU!


So this last Monday I got my period - and I was SHOCKED. As in my PMS so unnoticeable, I didn’t even see it coming. Normally I can tell weeks in advance from the PMS! And this was all from food changes. Thanks SO much again!! I am a new person. … to add one more notable benefit of the diet change: period duration went back to normal. The past year or so it got a lot longer, sometimes lasting two weeks. However this last one was 5 days in total, which is back to normal. I'm completely amazed by how much the diet change has "fixed things."


A wonderful go-to for nutritional therapy! Katia helped transform my relationship with food, my body, and myself for the absolute best. I approached Katia for nutritional support when I found out I was pregnant. She helped me come face to face with some facts about lifestyle and diet and how to create a mindset around food that was enjoyable and fuelled my body while nourishing my baby. We went through sessions focusing on the mindset change and she also requested I send her an update on every meal so we can make tweaks, if needed. I really appreciated being held accountable and having her support as I feel that is what helped me turn the curve in how I viewed what I put in my body. I still take her advice and recipes on board with me as I go through my journey of nourishing my mind and body.


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